Leak Repairs

Quonset Point Manufacturing Building was experience leaks in windows and expansion joints.  Completed all repairs on this block building.  

Investigated and repaired a leak in the court yard at the Richmond Elementary School.  Work included new gutters, concrete repairs, new window caulking, repair of weep holes and brick repointing. 

The Virk's Building exterior staircase was plagued by a leak over the years.  We reset some of the stair landings and treads, regrouted and waterproofed.  

Investigated and repaired a leak at an office building at University of Rhode Island.  Work included block repointing, new weeps,window caulking, expansion joint caulking and waterproofing. 

Leak repairs at the Providence Fire Station included replacement of lintels over the leaking windows, brick replacement, concrete repairs and brick repointing.   

A leak caused the closing of a classroom at Central High School in Providence.  We found leaks being caused by caulking issues around the windows, precast, parapet and cracked bricks. 

Water is the most common problem for interior damage.  We have significant experience in investigating for leaks and making the necessary repairs.  Here is a sample of some of our past successful projects.